The Open Access Publishing Association was founded in 2023 to challenge the current model of publishing. Founding members of OAPA established the association in defiance of a pay-to-publish and pay-to-read model in favour of open science.

Our Mission

The Association has a mission to build safe and secure locations for journals, conferences, and other knowledge dissemination methods to be housed to grow. 

Why Join

Members of the Association have a direct say in how the Association grows and supports quality peer reviewed open access publications. In addition:

Make A Difference

Be a part of the journey that the Open Access Publishing Association has started, and be a champion of open access globally.

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Association Details

The following discusses information about the Association’s incorporation and rules.

The constitution of the organisation is available for download: OAPA Constitution, Version 2

The Association has a Board of Directors elected at the Annual General Meeting. At the June 2023 Board of Directors’ Meeting, the Directors formed two committees:

  • Technical Committee
  • Learning and Development Committee