Book review: Relational pedagogies: Connections and mattering in higher education


  • Ameena L. Payne Deakin University, Australia
  • Taylor Payne University of Texas at Austin, United States of America


challenging neoliberalism, entangled pedagogy, post-anthropocentric pedagogies, posthumanism, sociomateriality


This book review of Relational Pedagogies: Connections and Mattering in Higher Education by Karen Gravett aims to offer a compelling analysis that enhances the scholarly conversations around the importance of building relationships and connections in higher education, particularly in complex and uncertain times. By situating the book's arguments within the wider academic discourse, the review strives to provide valuable insights, meaningful connections and an assessment of the book's impact on advancing relational pedagogies in higher education. By centering the perspectives of Black women and other marginalised groups, the review offers an intersectional critique that strives to expand the discourse on posthumanism and sociomateriality. This critical review of the book may serve as a valuable resource for scholars, educators, administrators and activists interested in advancing intersectional approaches to post-anthropocentric teaching and learning. Relational Pedagogies provides a means for resurfacing often forgotten questions, thinking with different theories and encouraging us to engage various others as we work to address issues of relationality, connection and mattering in contemporary and meaningful ways.


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