Guidance Notes for Publishing

Guidance Notes Published by the Journal

This page is a collection of works by current and past editors providing feed-forward advice to authors interested in publishing in the Journal of University Teaching and Learning Practice. These Guidance Notes are published in Editorials and Commentaries in the Journal, and were written in response to consistency in quality challenges in submissions. The aspiration of these Notes is to provide access to the kinds of information the Journal may provide in a rejection letter to allow response ahead of the first decision.

Publishing Guidance

1. The need for clear connection between theory and practice: Percy et al. (2021).

2. Declarations on Artificial Intelligence and AI-based authorship policy: Crawford et al. (2023).

Section Guidance

1. Journal publishing and editing processes: Crawford (2022a)

2. Studies that focus on academic and teacher development: Gonzalez et al. (2022).

3. Studies that focus on educational technology: Cowling et al. (2022).

4. Studies that focus on educational leadership, management, and psychology: Crawford (2022b).

Specific Literatures

1. Studies of compassion: Andrew et al. (2023).

2. Studies involving student voice: Ashton-Hay and Williams (2023) and Cook-Sathers and Matthews (2023).

Specific Methodologies

1. Using student experience and satisfaction evaluation surveys: Ali et al. (2022).

Peer Reviewer Guidance

1. Quality peer review practices: Gonzalez et al. (2022).

2. Strategies to retain human-centric peer review: Allen et al. (2022).

3. Strategies and policy on artificial intelligence in peer review: Crawford et al. (2023)