Improving students’ performance with time management skills


  • Robert Wilson University of New South Wales, Australia
  • Keith Joiner University of New South Wales, Australia
  • Alireza Abbasi University of New South Wales, Australia


Time management, academic achievement, university transition, defence academy, synthetical-age, gender differences


Research at the University of New South Wales with Defence Force Academy students found time-management skills significantly improve the academic results of male students but not female students when controlling for the usual effect of prior academic ability. While much previous research has revealed a positive link between time management and academic results within civilian environments, there is a lack of research on this link in dual-military or employment and academic settings. Our research also extends on many national and international studies’ by researching the efficacy of a direct training intervention in time-management skills. The study is unique in evaluating the size of the likely effect on academic results. This study used a mixed-methods evaluation design and a standardised questionnaire to compare two groups of 70 first-year undergraduate students. The experimental group were taught time-management skills in a workshop setting, while a control group did not attend time-management workshops. While the time-management workshop interventions did not improve the academic performance of female students, female students did benefit comparably to males in fewer subject failings and improved attitudes towards time-management attributes. The findings confirm an effect between time-management skills and academic success that offers substantial savings from fewer lost students. Recommendations are made to improve time-management skills and academic performance for all transitioning university students and examine if this significant effect translates to other initial training employment.


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