Facilitating a supportive learning experience: The lecturer's role in addressing mental health issues of university students during COVID-19


  • Caroline Heim Queensland University of Technology, Australia
  • Christian Heim The University of Queensland, Australia


Mental health, Wellbeing, COVID-19, Lecturer, Teaching, Creative industries


During Covid-19, rates of mental health issues, particularly anxiety, rose significantly in university students. In the scramble to adapt to online learning, university professors were overwhelmed with material aimed at facilitating a supportive learning experience and preserving student academic performance in online contexts yet were ill-equipped to cope with the increased volume of mental health issues encountered. Many studies attest to the association between poor mental health and academic performance. It has been shown that students often report their mental health issues to university professors who are called upon to cope with these issues as best they can. This paper outlines strategies undertaken, in the context of a novel undergraduate mental health program, to address emergent mental health issues during Covid-19 student isolation. These practical, cost effective interventions can be used to successfully give voice to ongoing student mental health issues in a post-Covid world and to help professors feel equipped and empowered enough to contribute to stemming the tide of rising rates of mental illness meaningfully, appropriately and professionally.


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Facilitating a supportive learning experience: The lecturer’s role in addressing mental health issues of university students during COVID-19. (2021). Journal of University Teaching and Learning Practice, 18(6), 69-81. https://open-publishing.org/journals/index.php/jutlp/article/view/507