Student experience: 10 things I know for certain


  • Shelley Kinash University of New England, Australia


Students, Experiential, Student engagement, Learning Journey, Personalisation, Student retention


Through an autoethnographic account of a university career journey, this paper addresses ten key themes in higher education. These are the ten principles which matter most in education. Attending to the quality of these elements will ensure that the vast majority of students have an excellent experience and that by virtue of completing their education, graduates will have the foundations they require to achieve their career goals. High quality universities keep the focus on their students, and students are welcomed and encouraged as agentic, contributing citizens, who will lead communities forward through graduate careers. The student experience is streamlined, minimising expectations of students beyond their coursework. Whereas the educators make or break the experience for the students, there are numerous other education-focussed staff roles in universities and staff must work in-concert. Universities must continue to apply digital innovation to improve processes such that student experience mechanisms, such as enrolment, are efficient and user-friendly, so that students can expend their cognitive energies on learning rather than navigating convoluted processes. One size does not fit all and university education must be delivered in ways which meet the needs and expectations of diverse student cohorts, and personalised in bespoke and supported ways for individual students. Universities seek to enhance and continuously improve student experience, engagement and retention.


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