Post-pandemic digital writing instruction will be Resilient, Open, and Inclusive


  • Robert Cummings University of Mississippi, USA


COVID-19 pandemic, digital writing, resilient teaching, open educational resources (OER), open educational practices (OEP), open pedagogy, inclusive teaching


During the pandemic three widespread shifts in teaching cultures affected digital writing pedagogies: resilient teaching, open teaching, and inclusive teaching. Resilient teaching design emerged as a strategy to counter the unpredictability of public health policies on class delivery modes, and emphasised designing for maximising student interactions as a response. Open teaching started as a response to a lack of access to textbooks and evolved to transform functions normally reserved for teaching into learning activities. In addition, inclusive teaching practices, developed as a response to racial and social injustices, resulted in deliberate emphasis on class structure to incorporate all students. Although seemingly disparate and disconnected from the issues of technology that normally influence the teaching of digital writing, each shift focused on student needs and predict a future for digital writing pedagogy.


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