Internationalisation of teaching, learning, and the curriculum in context: Emerging perspectives and new possibilities




The conceptualisation of internationalisation of the curriculum has evolved over the last 30 years. Simultaneously, its contextual foundation has also gradually shifted from being Euro-centric to encompass a broader landscape beyond the Western domain. Therefore, understanding of Internationalisation of the curriculum needs to include practices in these contexts. This special issue hence has invited researchers and practitioners in the field of higher education internationalisation to participate in this conversation. The focus of the discussion is on emerging and alternative understanding and practices of internationalising the curriculum which include incorporating local cultural values and perspectives in the curriculum. This Special Issue features articles that firmly situate the Internationalisation of teaching, learning, and the curriculum in their specific contexts and acknowledge the influence of important contextual factors on the motivations, processes, and outcomes of internationalisation. Closely associated with taking an inclusive lens in understanding internationalisation of the curriculum, we also discuss the inclusivity of communicating research in this field. Specifically, we discuss the challenges encountered by scholars working outside the English-speaking domain to communicate their research with English-speaking research communities. We hence call for support for international academics from the publication outlets. We hope that this Special Issue constitutes a step towards a more diverse and inclusive scholarship in the field of internationalisation in higher education.


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Author Biographies

  • Dr Dongmei Li, University of Melbourne, Australia

    Dr. Dongmei Li is a letterer and teaching specialist, academic support in diversity and internationalisation at Arts Teaching Innovation, Faculty of Arts of the University of Melbourne.  Mei provides support and recommendations for academic staff in a range of teaching and learning topics, including internationalisation of the curriculum, student engagement, curriculum development, assessment and academic skill development.

    Mei's research interests include internationalisation of the curriculum, professional development in pedagogical practice, academic integrity, embedding academic skill development in subject delivery. Mei is currently leading a multi-national project on students' perspectives of internationalisation. This project is funded by the University of Melbourne Early Career Research Scheme.  Mei is also completing a Indigenous orientation program for commencing international students, funded by the Centre for Contemporary Chinese studies. Mei is also a Fellow of the Higher Education Research and Development Society of Australasia (HERDSA).

  • Tracy Zou, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

    Dr. Tracy Zou is an assistant professor in the Department of Educational Administration and Policy at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Her research interests include the internationalisation of the curriculum, teaching-research nexus, and students as partners. She is also an associate editor of the International Journal for Academic Development.

  • Pranit Anand, University of New South Wales, Australia

    Dr Pranit Anand is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Information Systems and Technology Management at the University of NSW Business School where he teaches various information systems and cybersecurity courses. With over 20 years of higher education teaching experience in Australia and overseas he is passionate about the potential of international education for transformative experiences for students and teachers alike. Pranit designs his own teaching and learning programs that recognise the diversity of all students, and through that enables a more inclusive curriculum. He has also led large scale projects around internationalisation of curriculum and more recently on embedding Indigenous Australian perspectives within international learning experiences for international students.

  • Amita Krautloher, Charles Sturt University, Australia

    Amita Krautloher is an Educational Designer in the Division of Learning and Teaching at Charles Sturt University in Australia. She has navigated diverse roles across various industries in Australia and overseas. She is passionate about widening participation in higher education and her research interests include assessment design, equity and inclusion, and the internationalisation of curriculum. She has taken the lead in establishing and guiding the Community of Practice on Interactive Oral Assessments at Charles Sturt, empowering academics to integrate and embed IOAs within their subjects. She has published and presented her research at conferences in Australia and overseas. She is also the co-founder of the Internationalisation of the Curriculum Hub. 




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