A self-regulated learning management system: Enhancing performance, motivation and reflection in learning


  • Henry Khiat International Chamber of Commerce, France
  • Silke Vogel National University of Singapore, Singapore


self-regulated learning, self-regulated learning management system, learning motivation, metacognitive reflection, online courses, healthcare education


Practising self-regulated learning is essential in one’s lifelong learning journey. As educators, we can assist our students to regulate their learning effectively, whether this is in an online learning environment or any other. However, many factors affect how well learners regulate their learning. Research reveals that self-regulated learning practices vary and warrant further exploration. This study specifically investigates how the guided practice of self-regulated learning behaviour affects learning in the online learning environment. To guide students in managing their learning more effectively, an automated self-regulated learning management system was developed. The system assists students in practising the cognitive, meta-cognitive and motivational aspects of self-regulated learning. 155 postgraduate students in two online healthcare-related courses were randomly selected to be involved in the study. Trace data from the self-regulated learning management system was used to triangulate the students’ self-reports in relation to their self-regulated learning behaviours. Non-parametric statistical tests were used in the analysis. Findings indicate that the use of the self-regulated learning management system facilitated and aided students in practising more effective self-regulated learning behaviours thus impacting positively on learning motivation and metacognitive reflection. However, its effect is inconclusive in relation to academic performance. In summary, positive changes were made to their self-regulated learning behaviours and these subsequently improved their self-regulation and related outcomes.


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